The new Asus Zenbook NX500 might be ridiculously expensive, but it does come with some pretty cool features. This might be hard to believe from a brand that made their name by selling really affordable netbooks, but it’s true. For starters, the display is a 15.6 inch 4k touchscreen that is based on quantum dots. You probably don’t know what that is, but it already sounds expensive. Let’s just say that its probably one of the best looking displays that you are ever going to find on a laptop right now. This 4K screen displays images at a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution which isRead More →

A while back, I posted about some rumors that there might be a MacBook Air coming out that would be even more slim than before. The rumor seems to be more than just a rumor now. Jack March, a well known blogger who is famous for posting leaks says that the next MacBook Air will certainly be slimmer, and it will even come in the same three colors as the new iPhone 6. Pretty much every report on the internet confirms that the new 12 inch MacBook Air will have a design that doesn’t need a fan to keep it cool. That is how theyRead More →