Google Pushing Chromebooks on Consumers


  1. hello!i’m not sure where to post this, but as a date (14.07.) it maybe should be os is wndiows 7 ultimate, chrome was my default browser, i think its version was when i launched chrome, i found all of my user data were gone – settings, bookmarks, extensions etc. the screen looked like if i have just downloaded chrome – and i hadn’t, it is my favorite browser and i use it for years now. i restarted chrome but it was all the same. then i decided to reinstall it – and i found that somehow my chrome was already uninstalled and the one i have launched is another, not installed by me chrome (i know it because there was a message that the target of my shortcut was missing)! how could that happen?? then, when i reinstalled it (from, chrome was installed before to be installed its installer – so i could not choose the directory and chrome was installed in C; without restoring my data.sorry for my long comment; i’m not that familiar in such issues.i really, really hope everything will be ok. chrome is my favorite and i would like to keep it as such.thank you, and have a nice day!

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