Match Your Laptop to Your College Needs

Match Your Laptop to Your College Needs

Having a hard time choosing which laptop to buy for your first year of college? With all the different brands, styles, and sizes, it may be more of a task than you bargained for. Although the kind of laptop you choose is mostly personal preference, the features that it has to offer can be vital to a stress-free freshman year.

The MacBook Pro may be the perfect choice. It is up to 53% faster than the old MacBook and features new processors, graphics, and a peripheral connector. The price starts at $1199 with a 2.3 GHz dual-core Core i5 processor and a 5400-rpm 320GB hard drive. Mac offers 13, 15, and 17 inch models which will provide plenty of screen size for all the homework being done (or games being played featuring Intel’s new integrated HD Graphics 3000) on this laptop! The MacBook Pro has 4GB of 1333MHz DDR3 memory as well as CD and USB imports to accommodate every college student’s needs.

Another good laptop would be this year’s version of the Alienware M11x. This second-generation laptop has Core i5 and i7 ULV processors, USB 3.0 ports, and Nvidia GeForce GT 540 graphics. The Alienware is priced around $1099, slightly lower than the MacBook Pro, and has improved CPU and GPU performance as well as extra-long battery life for those all-night homework doers. Its 11-inch design is thick and heavy, but it gets the job done!

On the other hand, The MacBook Air is lightweight and easily portable, coming in at a mere 2.9 pounds average.  It has a 13-inch screen and a standard size, backlit keyboard but lacks things like a CD input which may be desirable for a college student. Even though its “thin as air” design is modern and sleek, it might not be worth sacrificing other needed features. With this student-sized MacBook comes the concern of scratching and damaging the tiny laptop very easily while moving it from class to class in that cluttered backpack. When purchasing this laptop, it is of key importance to invest in a sleeve or case for transporting the thin computer.

Choosing an operating system may be as difficult as choosing a laptop when considering the wide varieties of specifications, versions, and features. Windows 7 Home Premium version may be the best choice for a new student. Most laptops with this system will maintain speed and will not lag even if there are several programs open and running at the same time. With Windows connecting to wireless or other printers and devices is easier than ever, making printing out reports a breeze according to It is also compatible with all the latest hardware and software.

Before purchasing a new laptop, consider all the aspects: Is the price right? Does it have the best operating system to fit a student’s needs? Will it last through college? Does it have all the necessary features? Does it run fast? There are hundreds of different laptops out there, so it may be overwhelming to try to pick one in a matter of hours, but considering these few things will help ensure that you choose the right laptop for your own personal needs. Doing your research will serve you well!


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