The HP Mini 110


  1. Why did HP cose to make it thicker, when other are making them thinner? I guess, thinner is better.

  2. Be aware that the hinges and battery clip shatter with normal use. The first Mini 110 lasted 2 days then the battery clip shattered for no apparent reason other than the lid was closed. The Retailer replaced it — they'd experienced the same problem on display model. The second one lasted 82 days then when it was opened the right hinge shattered with such force it chipped the rear case. Then, the left hinge shattered when the lid was closed. Now, the only thing connecting the base to the lid are the wires that run thru the shattered hinges! Most disappointing, after waiting over 1 hour on HP Tech Support, the Hardware Support Tech told me it's not covered by the warranty — without even seeing it. She told me I could pony up $290 and they'd fix it! For a machine that's retailing for $303! Unbelieveable. And, this is the machine HP is hanging it's hat on for "putting the personal back in computing." Yeah, it's personal alright but it ain't "computing" your getting. Your getting taken.

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