Gateway NV Series 5214u


  1. Is there a better video card than the ATI Radeon HD 3200 that I can upgrade to for this notebook??? If so please help me out by listing a few that I might consider.

  2. No sadly gateway does not make their laptops upgradable and upgrading the video card on your own is near impossible. If you are going to look at a gaming laptop you are better off looking in the price range of $700. Also make sure to look up reviews on the mobile video card in the laptop to make sure it can handle the game you are looking to play.

  3. I ended up buying this laptop and have mixed feelings. I have two big gripes. The keyboard feels very awkward to me and I do not like the touch pad. Also, the problem on the gateway to create a back-up disc did not work> After calling gateway, they acknowledged the problem but told me the computer was too new and none were available. Long story short, I cant wipe my windows OS to put linux on until I get my dirty little fingers on some recovery discs.

  4. I have owned this computer for a little over two months but have actually used it less than one month. Like fsuhunter said the keyboard doesnt feel right and the touchpad doesnt work right for me. I have also had problems with charging, icons not appearing on bottom right of screen, internet connectivity, and recently the screen resolution changed on its own and I cant get it back to where it was. I own an older Gateway with a pentium processor and it is much faster than the new one.

  5. I have one of these also, it is awesome, no problems, love the numeric keyboard, display is super bright and colors are vivid, I use the HDMI output to watch downloaded movies. It wants you to create your own OS disks. I added windows 7 what a screamer. Also very light to lug around, not a fan of a AMD but this 64 bit works perfect. Some days you get a good one. Some days not…just a thought.

  6. I purchased this computer in June. In September, the display screen went completely white. I sent it back to Gateway for repair, I paid for the shipping. I called to check the status every week to be told the part isn't in stock. After a month of waiting, I finally get a call from Gateway informing me that the part is on backorder and they would like to offer me a replacement computer equivalent to the one I purchased. I accept the replacement and received it on Tuesday, November 3. Would you believe the replacement didn't work either? Wouldn't even boot to Windows 7. So, I was offered, yet again, another replacement. I'm not paying to ship the replacement back so I have to be inconvenienced, again, and wait to receive a shipping label in the mail. Then I have to ship it back and when the replacement is received, then I will receive the second replacement. I've never been so disappointed in a product. Be smart don't buy this machine.

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