Worlds Cheapest Laptop.

Worlds Cheapest Laptop.

Worlds Smallest Laptop
In the world of cheap laptops the TNX-9500 is the newest thing on the market. The Windows XP- powered unit isn’t as cheap as say the Del Mini 9 on sale. But $199 is pretty cheap.

As reports surface. It seems that the new laptop is rumored to have some issues; it beeps continuously for several minutes when it is first turned on, the 1GHz no-name processor seems very unwilling to run Internet Explorer. Rumors also say that there is a howling sound being produced by the always-on microphone feeding back through the speakers.

No date has been set for Production. But rumor has it that it will be ramping up soon and the price is said to be dropping even more. Is that even possible? Hopefully when the Impulse TNX-9500 enters full production, all the flaws will be ironed out. And it will be cheaper than the price stated to make it worth a purchase.


  1. This thing is not all that much bigger than my cell phone.

  2. There are $199 Aspires out, so that isn’t very impressive.

  3. I would be pretty embarassed to carry that around.

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