New Asus G50Vt-X5


  1. Great laptop, it is hard to find a laptop under $1000 that comes with a 7200RPM hard drive and a dedicated video card like the 9800M GT. Only thing it is missing is a blu-ray player

  2. What you bought a laptop under $700. Is it right what you have written. Laptop under thousand dollar is quite a big thing that too from a company like Asus. While reading your post i came to know that its features are also good with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor. I want to thank you for this information. 🙂

  3. I’m really happy with this, I crashed Vista a few times and downgraded but after a few weeks of XP it hasn’t crashed. Vista 64 was nice but it’s nice to have XP again. The ASUS forums have threads on downgrading. You can also play with the LED in LCDHype in XP.
    I pretty much gamed this thing in right away and was very happy to see Mass Effect maxed out and very playable. Turning VSync off is a thing of the past. Turn that stuff on! LOL. I had to make a custom profile for Test Drive Unlimited and Need For Speed Undercover so that I could run more buffers, AA, VSync, etc; through the NVidia contorl panel. Because once you see what this can do, it’s hard to go back to older games that don’t have all the graphical options.
    After all the excitement wares off, this is still a very comfortable laptop to use, Express Gate works with XP also so you always have that option if you are waiting and can’t plug in somewhere. It’s a solid machine that should last. Don’t go overclocking and playing around because it isn’t needed.
    The speakers however are very very cheap. I don’t know what they were thinking. I didn’t realize this because I plugged into desktop speakers, but when I’m on the road I wonder if I can watch a movie while idling the truck and still hear it. My budget Compaq from two years ago has much better speakers. But for under $1000 this is the least of my problems. You can get a $10 pair of speakers if you need to or even get an FM tranmitter so that it will send the sound to an FM radio channel then you can use your stereo speakers (this is a blast when you live in a truck with a good stereo and play games or watch movies).
    It looks cool, and may be what caught my eye and made me buy it but I could live with a less eye catching madel so someone doesn’t want to steal it.

  4. greg where is the link for the Asus forum, I can’t find it to downgrade my vista 64 to xp in the right mode.


  5. im about to buy this laptop today and im glad to know that its working well but the price has been lowered to $899

  6. how do i use the media card reader? i have a memory stick pro duo and its just way too small for the slot

  7. This is my first laptop. I wanted something that was fast and would hold it's own against any comparably priced model. Asus ROCKS!!! Their customer support is fantastic!
    Two things though. Speakers suck, but with a pair of Bose speakers everything is cool. Battery life is not too good, but I bought this with the intention of using it as a desktop replacement. I have messed with this laptop and tweaked the crap out of it and it keeps coming back for more abuse. I have crashed this laptop more times than I can count.(My fault!)
    Gaming performance is great with Direct X 9. Direct X 10 is a little slow however. I will stick with Asus in the future.
    The only thing that will sway me is being able to afford a MacBook Pro. Again, I love this thing!!
    Ps. I am 51 years old and I feel like a kid again with this PC.

  8. Very good idea

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