Macbook Air: Setting the New Standard

Macbook Air: Setting the New Standard

What comes across when first seeing this laptop is its stunningly sleek design. The laptop known as the Macbook Air is now setting the standard for all Ultra-Portable Notebooks. Weighing at approximately 1.36 Kg, and equipped with 2GB RAM, Core 2 Duo and a 13-inch LED screen this notebook brings with it a whole new meaning of portability.

The Macbook Air is expected to have a battery life of 5 hours of wireless time making it great for those constantly on the road. The Notebook also comes equipped with a 64 GB solid state drive which helps it preserve its battery life. With a powerful CPU, tons of RAM, and light portability we think the Macbook Air is going to be setting the pace for all its competitors.

Although this Notebook goes for a pretty penny ($2,499), when comparing this with other similar sub-compact notebooks which range in price from 3-4k, this laptop has great value.

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