Laptop Rentals for Graphic Design


  1. Just to correct some errors: Even though Maya was purchased by Autodesk, the Windows-only developer behind AutoCAD and later 3DSM, Maya is currently and has been available for the Mac for some years/versions. As for upgradability, its a bit disingenuous to mention that when discussing laptops. Almost no laptop is user upgradable beyond adding memory or replacing a hard drive, both of which can be done on Macbooks (and Pros). Likewise, the Mac Pro is as upgradable as any OEM machine. Yes, you can’t (legally) build a DIY Mac, but that’s beyond the point you so incorrectly tried to make.
    The reason why many designers choose OS X over Windows is not because of its “artsyness,” but because of OS X’s superior font and color rendering, not to mention the fact that its a UNIX machine, compatible with Solaris, Linux and many others. Even Ryan Gosling, the father of Java, only recently started using Solaris instead of OS X, and that was because OS X doesn’t have the ZFS support that he needs. Imagine that, such an important employee of Sun only now using Sun’s own OS, primarily because Apple doesn’t (yet) support Sun’s new filesystem.

  2. I’m all for people using whichever platform they want, but this article has two very inaccurate points:

    1. Maya is certainly available for Mac OS X and Linux as well.

    2. With the exception of the processor, Apple laptops are as upgradeable as Windows laptops in terms of RAM and Hard Drive expansion.

    Also, according to PC Magazine, an Apple Mac Book Pro runs windows faster than any Dell notebook currently available.

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